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  • Crispy Spring Roll (2)

  • Pork Egg Roll (2)

  • Fried Shrimp Roll (2)

  • Soft Shrimp Spring Roll (2)

  • Fried Biscuit (10)

  • Pan Fried Wonton (8)

  • Pan Fried Pork Dumplings (8)

  • Steamed Pork Dumplings (8)

  • Fried Crab Puff (8)

  • Fried Chicken Roll

  • Bacon Shrimp

  • Spicy Szechuan Wonton (8)

  • Fried Shrimp (6)

  • Chicken Lettuce Wrap (4)

  • Beef Stick (4)

  • BBQ Spare Ribs (4)

  • Shrimp Lettuce Wrap (4)

  • Fried Chicken Wing (4)

  • Fortune Platter (For 2)

    Spring roll, Shrimp roll, chicken wing, Spare Rib, cheese puff, Beef Stick.


  • Egg Drop Soup

    Small or Large
  • Hot & Sour Soup

    Small or Large
  • Wonton Soup

    Small or Large
  • Chicken Corn Soup

    For 2
  • Bean Curd Vegetable Soup

    For 2
  • House Special Wonton Soup (For 2)

    For 2
  • Small Shrimp Bean Curd Soup

    For 2
  • Seafood Soup

    For 2


  • Steamed Mix Vegetable

  • Steamed Vegetable Bean Curd

  • Steamed Asparagus Broccoli

  • Steamed Vegetable Chicken

  • Steamed Vegetable Chicken & Shrimp

  • Steamed Vegetable Fish

  • Steamed Vegetable Shrimp

  • Steamed Vegetable Scallop

  • Steamed Vegetable Beef


  • Lemon Chicken

  • Chicken with Vegetables

  • Chicken with Broccoli

  • Chicken with Snow Peas

  • Chicken with Black Mushrooms

  • Curry Chicken

  • Chicken with String Bean

  • Chicken with Black Bean Hot Sauce

  • Pineapple Chicken

  • Chicken with Garlic Sauce

  • Chicken Chow Mein

  • Moo Goo Gai Pan

  • Shredded Chicken with Szechuan Sauce

  • Kung Pao Chicken

  • Mango Chicken

  • Chicken with Asparagus


  • Shredded Pork with Bean Sprout

  • Twice Cooked Pork

  • Moo Shu Pork

  • Pork with Garlic Sauce

  • Pork with Mixed Vegetables


  • Beef with Broccoli

  • Pepper Steak

  • Mongolian Beef

  • Beef with Mixed Vegetables

  • Beef with Snow Peas

  • Beef with Garlic Sauce

  • Jalapeno Beef

  • Beef with Black Mushrooms

  • Szechuan Beef

  • Kung Pao Beef

  • Beef with Asparagus

  • Beef with Pineapple


  • Shrimp with Snow Peas

  • Shrimp with Vegetable

  • Shrimp with Garlic Sauce

  • Kung Pao Shrimp

  • Shrimp with Broccoli

  • Shrimp with Lobster Sauce

  • Shrimp with Black Bean Sauce

  • Shrimp with Szechuan Sauce

  • Scallop with Snow Peas

  • Scallop with Vegetable

  • Scallop with Garlic Sauce

  • Kung Pao Scallop

  • Scallop with Broccoli

  • Scallop with Lobster Sauce

  • Scallop Black Bean Sauce

  • Scallop with Szechuan Sauce

  • Salt Pepper Shrimp

  • Scallop with Black Pepper


  • Orange Flavor Chicken

    Chicken crispy outside but tender inside sauteed with sweet brown sauce and orange peel.
  • Sesame Chicken

    Chicken with chef's special sauce, then sprinkled with sesame.
  • General Tso Chicken

    Light breaded chicken sauteed with red pepper in famous tasty tso's sauce.
  • Basil Chicken

    Light breaded chicken with basil in special sauce.
  • Orange Flavor Beef

    Flank steak crispy outside but tender inside sauteed with sweet brown sauce and orange peel.
  • Sesame Beef

    Flank steak with chef's special sauce, then sprinkled with sesame.
  • General Tso Shrimp

    Light breaded Shrimp sauteed with red pepper in famous tasty tso's sauce.
  • Mongolian Triple

    Sliced beef, chicken, shrimp sauteed with green onion in chef's special recipe sauce.
  • Thai Chicken and Shrimp

    Jumbo fresh shrimp and chicken sauteed with Thai special sauce.
  • Shrimp, Chicken with Cashew Nuts

    Jumbo fresh shrimp and chicken with cashew nuts.
  • Crispy Shrimp

    Deep fried crispy shrimp sauteed in special brown sauce on the side.
  • Walnut Shrimp

    Light breaded shrimp crispy with honey mayo sauce walnut on top and broccoli on the bottom.
  • Kung Pao Delight

    Sliced beef, chicken and scallop sauteed with special brown sauce.
  • Jalapeno Fried Fish

    Fresh fish with jalapeno and special sauce.
  • Fish with Szechuan Chili Sauce

    Fresh fish and special red sauce.
  • Dragon and Phoenix

    Jumbo shrimp and large chunks of chicken prepared in special brown sauce, each served separately on a platter.
  • Seafood Delight Sizzling Platter

    Shrimp, scallop, fish, crab meat, broccoli, snow peas, pepper and baby corn sauteed with mixed vegetables in white sauce.
  • Happy Family

    Fresh scallop, shrimp, chicken and beef sauteed with mixed vegetables in brown sauce.
  • Beef with Scallops

    Beef and scallops with broccoli and black pepper sauce.
  • Hunan Crispy Fish

    Deep fried crispy fish sauteed in special brown sauce.


  • Chicken Egg Foo Young

  • Mixed Vegetable Egg Foo Young

  • Pork Egg Foo Young

  • Beef Egg Foo Young

  • Shrimp Egg Foo Young

  • House Special Egg Foo Young


  • Sweet & Sour Chicken

  • Sweet & Sour Pork

  • Sweet & Sour Shrimp

  • Sweet & Sour Delight


  • Spicy Bean Curd

  • Broccoli & Mushroom with Garlic Sauce

  • Stir Fried String Beans

  • Eggplant with Garlic Sauce

  • Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables

  • House Special Bean Curd

  • Sesame Bean Curd

  • Jalapeno Fried Bean Curd


  • Beef Fried Rice

  • Shrimp Fried Rice

  • Chicken Fried Rice

  • Pork Fried Rice

  • Vegetable Fried Rice

  • Combo Fried Rice

  • Singapore Fried Rice

  • Curry Fried Rice

  • Beef Lo Mein

  • Chicken Lo Mein

  • Pork Lo Mein

  • Vegetable Lo Mein

  • Shrimp Lo Mein

  • Combo Lo Mein

  • Singapore Rice Noodle

  • Thai Fried Rice

  • House Special Crispy Noodle

  • Seafood Fried Rice

  • Seafood Crispy Noodle


  • Kids Fried Chicken with French Fries

  • Kids Fried Shrimp with French Fries

  • Kids Sweet & Sour Chicken with Fried Rice

  • Kids Fried Chicken Wing with French Fries


  • Beverage