How does the service work?

We are a 3rd party delivery service which delivers food from your favorite restaurants, beer, alcohol and much more for an upcharge. Check your address to see if we deliver to your location, put your order together, pay online or with cash and we will deliver your items directly to your door.We are based out of Humble, Tx.

What are the delivery fees?

On the home page, enter in your delivery address and then select the restaurants and the delivery fees will show up under the restaurant's name. Delivery fees may vary according to the distance which you live from the place you are ordering from.

What do I do if my order is incorrect or I'm not satisfied with my order?

Please contact us (TMF Delivery) imediately (Not the next day) so that we can have your order corrected with the restuarant or the items that you had the issue with refunded to your account. If you do not contact us with your issue that same day of the delivery, we might not be able to correct your issue.

If I have a question about my order or need to revise my order, who do I call?

Please feel free to give us (TMF Delivery) a call at 346-422-4772 and we answer all questions and make any adjustments that need to be made to your order.

Do you deliver from places that aren't on the menu?

Yes we do. Tell us where you want to order, tell us what you want and we will load the payment in under the Random Orders section so that you can pay for it and we will bring it to your door.

Can I pay with cash?

Yes. Drivers do not carry cash on them.

How does the grocery delivery work?

Make your order on the curbside pick-up service of your choice from their site. Go under the place where you ordered on our site and in the special notes section give us the name the order is under, the address of the pick up location, your confirmation number and the time of pick up and we will bring it to your door.

Do we have an application?

Yes we do. On the main page of our site we have links for Apple and Android devices to download our application.

Are we hiring?

Yes, fill out an application under the Become A Driver tab ( on our home page and we will contact you as we need people.

Are you a business owner and ready to increase your revenue and expand your business' customer base?

If so, let TMF Delivery help. Fill out an application under the Become A Vender tab on our home page. (



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